How To Best Use This Weather Site

Weather App Installation

To install a weather app specific for Soleil on Android devices perform the following (sorry, I can't help with Apple, but should be similar)

1. Download and install the WU (Weather Underground) app from Google Play

2. Press and hold a blank spot on you phones screen until the prompts for Wallpapers, Widgets and Settings appear

3. Select "Widgets" and Scroll to "Weather"

4. Select the WU wiget size you prefer and drag it to your screen

To configure for Soleil Weather, do the following

5. When you drag the widget to the screen a settings menu will open

6. Click "Location" and select "Search"

7. Type in the Zip Code (30114), when "Canton, GA" appears, select "Refine"

8. A map will open, enlarge it to see the Soleil Community

9. Soleil Weather will show on the map at Laurel Crossing. Select this weather site.

10. If you desire, you can change the update frequency and the background color.


The information found here is pretty self explanatory. The two maps at the top of the page show the current RADAR map for the Southeast and the IR SATELLITE for the Southeast as supplied by the National Weather Service (NWS). The next section gives a snapshot of the current weather conditions here in Laurel Canyon. The UV Index is the standard measure of ultraviolet exposure. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 16. For more information on the UV Index see EPA Website. The EPA has a very good explanation of how to use the values. The Solar Radiation number is measured in WATTS per square meter (w/mxm) a measurement of energy over a given area. In general terms Solar Radiation may be thought of as how warm the sun feels or how cloudy the sky is. The number is higher on a sunny day and lower on a cloudy day. In some places in the Season Weather Site, you will see a value called Solar%. Solar% is the percent of solar radiation detected for a given day and time for our location. On a bright sunny day, with the sun directly overhead the reading will be high. This number is useful in calculating the “feels like” temperature, especially the TSHW temperature. The TSHW temperature uses a complex formula to calculate what the current temperature feel like based upon not only the temperature, humidity and wind, but also the solar radiation. All other factors being equal, you will feel warmer on a sunny day than on a cloudy day. The bottom of the home page shows the current forecast made by the NWS.


This page gives you “almost REAL TIME" updates to the weather parameters. You can actually see the wind direction and wind speed change. At the bottom of the page there are three buttons, GRAPH, RECORDS, and UNITS. These are self explanatory. By accessing the GRAPH section, you may select to display many weather values based upon different periods of time. The RECORDS section will display the record highs and lows as recorded here in Laurel Canyon by my instruments. Please keep in mind that these instruments became “live” on April 24, 2008. Values are only available starting at this date, except for yearly rainfall. The UNITS button will allow you to switch between displaying in the English or Metric systems.


Local Radar gives you a display of the North Georgia Area around Canton provided by the NWS. You are able to select from many different types of displays and zoom into Cherokee County on the Radar Map. The GRLevel3 radar provides more detail of active weather. This display may only be available at certain times during severe weather.



This provides the 7 day forecast for Cherokee County as supplied by the NWS.


This supplies and NWS issued advisories for Cherokee County


This is not implemented yet.


As the name implies, this section will provide you with a wealth of information on past weather in our area. WEATHER TRENDS shows a chart with reading for the most recent 2 hour period as well as records and stats. At the bottom of the page is wind information. STATION GRAPHS display a 24 hour, 72 hour and monthly chart of temperatures, humidity, barometric pressure, etc.. Please note on the wind charts, the RED line represents wind gusts, and the blue line is the average 10 minute wind speed. STATION MONTHLY REPORT, as the name implies, gives a day by day listing of weather parameters. In addition you will find information on recent EARTHQUAKES in the US and also a section on ASTRONOMY with information you might find useful.


Here you will find information about this station, our community and Cherokee County


This is of course what you are reading.


This section provides links to many Weather related sites. Some of these are educational, some are informational, some are weather discussion forums.


This is a map of this website.


These links are pretty self explanatory. If you are not familiar with WEATHER UNDERGROUND, you might enjoy visiting this site. It has a tremendous amount of information.


This section will allow you to change the appearance of this website, if you don’t like my colors.

About This Station

This weather station was developed out of my personal interest in the weather, computers and the Internet. My hope is that the information collected and shared with my neighbors here at Soleil and the Canton area will not only be interesting but informative. The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus weather station (The Davis was replaced with an Ambient WS-2000 in December 2018). The data is collected every 15 seconds and the site is updated approximately every 20 seconds. Some of the charts are updated at longer intervals depending on the chart. This assume that my computer is "up and running". The weather site has a dedicated computer with backup power supply. I try to maintain constant connection but everyone who has a computer knows...... This data on this site is collected using Weather Display Software. The station is comprised of an anemometer, a rain gage, UV sensor, solar radiation sensor and a thermo-hydro sensor situated in optimal positions for highest accuracy possible. It should be noted that my residence is on the east end of Laurel Crossing. My station is located on the back side of my house in the "valley" between houses on Laurel Crossing and Bonneset. We seem to have an abnormally high wind speed thrughout the valley, so if you feel the wind speed recorded is higher than what you are experiencing at your residence, please take this into account.

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